Who we are

Passione Acquario Cadorago was opened in July 2013, therefore exactly 10 years ago in Cadorago in the Province of Como, near Saronno, Switzerland and about 40 minutes from Milan.

Owner known by all as "Wang", he will give you the best advice with a lot of passion for every need.

Our Mission

  • Working with a lot, a lot of passion, we have had the trust of many customers and we would like to repeat the same result also for those who will be new to us, both for you who will physically come to the store and for you who will buy through the Online Shop.
  • We want to offer the maximum service and the maximum quality to all our customers, offering service at all times via email, Online Shop messaging, Whatsapp or Telephone.

What products and animals we offer in the Shop

  1. Cold water fish
  2. Freshwater tropical fish
  3. Caridine
  4. Saltwater tropical fish
  5. Salt water detrivores
  6. Plants for aquarium
  7. Corals of every kind imaginable
  8. Aquarium accessories and decorations
  9. Technique for all types of aquarium
  10. Cleaning and maintenance services
  11. Custom aquariums

What products and animals we offer in the Online Shop

  1. Mainly Corals of any kind
  2. On request The Technique
  3. On request the Rocce Vive
  4. On request decorations for aquariums
  5. Caridine "coming soon"